Song Nhi

Song Nhi is a virtual assistant that helps people manage their personal finance

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Almost everyone is now in a "Rat Race" but they are not aware of it. They want to escape the rat race but do not know how. In order to do so, the first step is to well manage your personal finance. Excel, spreadsheets, and other account software are cumbersome. Therefore, many people give up on managing their personal finance and eventually slowly or never get out of the rat race.

Our solutions

Using advanced technology such as AI, OCR, and NLP to help people manage their finance easily, efficiently, intuitively, and naturally. Just chat, talk with Song Nhi via messenger, Siri, OK Google, Skype, slack... and Song Nhi will do the rest. You can say something like "breakfast $10" and Song Nhi will note that down. Later on, you can ask questions such as • How much did I spend last month • How much did I spend this week on dining • Show me a report of last month's financial statement

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