The project is a healthcare platform for both doctors and patients to use. Patients can sign up, book appointments with private doctors, order medicines, and have medical examinations online. Doctors can manage all their documents, prescriptions, bookings, and payments with patients.

Project is On-going


To digitalize the healthcare ecosystem with a Government standard. With the intervention of different parties involved in the ecosystem such as doctors, patients, hospitals, pharmacies, et., ODC expects to have a mix of healthcare software such as E-prescription, Online booking, Telemedicine, and Drug pick-up and delivery, Electronic Health Records. From which, users can track their related objects with the enhancement of transparency, convenience, accessibility to Government drugs and Government standards meet

Our solutions

Knowing that communication is the key in this project, we apply the Vertically Sliced Teams approach with a daily meeting between the 2 teams, and weekly meetings to update the product/user/new information to ensure close collaboration and the deliverables.

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