Digital Marketing Trends for Entrepreneurs

Technologies are evolving all the time especially the search engines technology. It is impacting the websites of E-commerce. Being an Entrepreneur, If you are not planning to make your website responsive then a big change will arise overnight and your site’s traffic will be reduced dramatically.

Your responsibility as an entrepreneur to provide the solution of the problem by start a product which drives the revenue and making a skilled squad which help you to achieve your dreams and goals. There are 5 necessary things you must aware of the Digital Marketing World.

  1.   Responsive Website is not an Option

Recent studies prove that the users on the internet via Mobile phones finally surpassed the users of the desktop. As Google’s recent update made us all aware that our websites should be responsive and in easy to use format. Now it is necessary for you to make a website which is quite friendly with the mobile phone users. 45% of the world’s population will be having a smart phone by the end of 2017. Uber and Food Panda can be taken as an example of the boost startup through Smart phones.

  1.   Do not forget the Role of SEO

There are myths that say SEO’s role has been depreciated and limited in the digital marketing World but it is not a fact because Google’s 665 updates last year put a question mark on this myth. Until Google and other search engines exist then there must be some optimization and interpretation needed. As a startup business, if you are not planning to make your site optimized as the perspective of SEO then you are putting your business at a high risk.

For instance, if you need to get any information or buy any product you fist go to the search engine like Google, Bing etc. It provides you the result and you blindly trust on its provided result. Suppose if your site is highly optimized according to the Google then there are more chances that you will get the organic traffic rather than the PPC.

  1.   Digital Marketing is not just PPC

For last few years, Pay per Click (PPC) ads were considered as the finest solution in the digital marketing environment but its impact is being changed these days. Your ads or blogs should be informational than the promotional. If you follow this technique than it will create more chances of getting organic traffic.

I am not suggesting you to drop your Ad word account, It’s indeed helpful but for a tiny part for your sales. Engaging customers through the organic way is more difficult and challenging for any content writer and SEO specialist. Digital Marketing cannot only increase the sales of your product but it helps your product to be a brand.

  1.   Content with Expiration Dates

The biggest trend of last year was Snapchat, a social network relies on the content that destructs automatically after few seconds. It is a plus point as the perspective of the privacy but it makes it more addictive to the users of the social network world.

It is a human psyche that we attract to the things which have a limited time to live like promotions which is going on for few days, Its’ like now or never. Your blogs should be lived for a short period of time which will put the effect on the customers to make the most of it. Being an Entrepreneur, It’s important to follow the trend before its too late for you and your business both like Nokia experienced in the mobile phone world.

  1.   Optimized Conversion Rate

There is something to do for a user on website of the Startup Company. Conversion rate Optimization helps you to get your indirect customers engaged on your websites but important thing is CRO requires a highly professional company which helps you to optimize your site. The backbones of any E-commerce websites are its shop and cart pages. These pages must be fully optimized to increase the rate of the conversion. If you want to give your business a boost start then I recommend giving CRO a try.

  1.   Conclusion

Now, it’s time to summarize all the above things that a good startup business needs smart not hard work because we are living in a world where time is more important than anything. If you follow the above techniques then you are playing safe and healthy as a tiny contributor in the digital world because nothing is the last in the business especially in E-commerce.

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