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When I was 14 years old, I used to carry a pen with me. To everyone else, this was a simple pen. However, for me, it was my good luck charm. I did all my school work with this pen. Whenever I needed a boost in creativity or to gain high marks in my exam I use the pen. There was something special about that pen. Not the flow, not the color of the ink, but the design which made it special for me.

This pen as my friend for two years, and then one day it ran out of ink. After that, I tried many others pen, but nothing made sense. The Same thing can happen with your website. If your clients love your site, its great, but if for some reason your website is not getting enough traffic, it is time to redesign your website. Moreover, for that, you need a professional website design agency to carry out this important task. In this blog I will try to cover some crucial steps that business owners need to take while going for a successful website redesign.

First Research then Execute

Although a good website design agency will do its research as a business owner you need to act smart, you need to know what others are doing? How have they planned their website? With this research, you can guide your designer to make the necessary changes in your site. Here I compiled a list of things that can make your life easy:

  • Colors matter big time. Study Psychology of colors & apply it to your website.
  • Logos, banners act as triggers for your brand, make them persuasive.
  • Use real life pictures, instead of stock imagery.
  • Your primary goal is to generate leads: Call-to-Action button

The second phase of your website it to figure out your goals & use those goals in your website design. Are you going to use Google Analytics or you will prefer another analytic tool? Will you focus on conversion rate or count leads? If your goal is to get your website into Google search page, you need to plan an SEO strategy & align that with the content on your website. Design content for the users & your customers will take care of the SEO for you.

One thing to avoid for going for design is design by committee. Design by committee is a process of designing where the designer needs to go through several layers of approval before finalizing the elements. Pick a template & go with it, or if you are gong for a custom template go for an experienced design agency, like uiresponsive & you do not need to worry about the design at all.

Constructive criticism is okay during the design process & it is also necessary to appreciate the designers for their work. However, if you suggest some changes and the designer have some good reasons not to do them, listen to them and go with their instincts. Because every person has abilities which reflect the industry they belong. So, go for what the designer is saying, and you can make the necessary changes if they do not work the way it was supposed to be. Additionally, go for split testing. Try different design templates, what is working and what is not. Take as much feedback as you can from everyone around you.

Now the final part: LAUNCH!!

I love climax of the movie. It is the most important part of the whole movie. Everything depends on of that climax. If the climax goes well, the film is appreciated and is vice versa if the climax is not properly thought think through.

When your website goes live, you still have one more step – measuring how your objectives are doing. Remember those targets we set previously? Make sure they are meeting as per your need.

With Google analytics and all the tracking data, you can decide if the aims are achieved or require more hard work. You should keep doing changes on your design until the objectives do not meet. This is another place where split testing will come in handy.

That is all there is to it. Once you meet your goalmouths, you should deem your website redesign a success!

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