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Original Portfolio Tips for Web Developers

Web developers, marketers, and designers are all vital for a business’s website. While web developers build the site from scratch, marketers need to ensure that it receives traffic from those who will find it useful. Designers take care of how the site looks and makes users feel when they use it. To be successful in these roles, you have to have great portfolio pieces that show off your expertise and what you can do with websites or other media forms.

Every web developer has a portfolio site, but few do it right. A poorly designed website can hurt your chances of landing a high-paying job or getting noticed by the people you want to work for. Here are tips that will help you create a fantastic portfolio site that will impress everyone who visits it.

Web developer portfolios to inspire you

As a web developer, you are constantly building things for your clients. Your portfolio should be the one place where you can show off all of your work without them having to ask for it. Here are some tips on building an impressive portfolio that will make people want to hire you!

  • Make sure your portfolio is constantly updated with new projects and content. The best portfolios don’t just have five random pieces of work in them – they have at least 10-15 high-quality pieces of work showing off different skillsets, so potential employers know what kind of person they’re hiring.
  • Put up screenshots or videos whenever possible, so people get a better idea about what’s going on in the project instead of just seeing words written on-site.
  • Make sure your skills are up to 2-3 years old, showing off your progress and expertise, with the most recent work being at the top.
  • Include a link to any client sites or projects where appropriate so they can see more of your work.
  • Showcase some of the design elements that make up your style so people can get an idea of how it is reflected in all aspects of your work.
  • Give examples for each project type/skillset, so people know exactly what they’re getting if they hire you based on this page alone.

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How can you present your portfolio to a potential employer?

The first thing that needs to be done when creating a web developer’s portfolio is deciding what technologies are used. If the applicant only has one or two languages they know well, their website should reflect this by showcasing those skills through projects made with them. An excellent example of this would be using HTML/CSS for layout and JavaScript for interactive elements. However, if someone knows multiple languages, they’ll want to showcase all of the different types of things they can do.

Do you have a portfolio site that’s not quite up to snuff? Do you want to make sure it has the best chance of getting traffic and generating leads for your business? If so, read on. We’ll go over some tips for creating an eye-catching website – one that will help grow your business. We’ll also provide examples of successful portfolios from web developers around the world.

What are some good guidelines for making a great portfolio site? Well, let’s start with design considerations. You need to know which colors work well together or how many fonts are too many before you even think about choosing images or deciding where they should be placed on the site.